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FIMMTECH Inc. was founded by Suhas Kulkarni in 2004. Prior to starting the company, he held the role of Production Manager, Sr. Process Engineer and Project Engineer. He has 24 years of experience in Injection Molding. He founded FIMMTECH since he saw the need to develop and standardize proper validation procedures, provide training and help processors to improve the overall efficiency of their molding operations. Although Scientific Molding was already introduced to the industry, (thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bozzeli and RJG Inc) not everybody understood and conducted the studies in a manner that it should have been done. The studies mainly centered on the Rheology, Gate Seal and Pressure Drop Studies. Suhas introduced the 6-Step Study and standardized the Mold Function validation protocols. The 6 steps were, Rheology, Cavity Balance, Pressure Drop, Cosmetic Process Window, Gate Seal and Cooling Studies.

Design of Experiments (DOE) was relatively new to Injection Molding in the mid nineties. Most DOEs were performed without the understanding of the basic injection molding factors and the characteristics of the responses. For example, most responses are a linear function of process parameters. Suhas again standardized a lot of these procedures and identified key factors to be studied based on polymer science andthe molding technology. He developed his own DOE software that does not require the user to have any prior DOE experience and with 5 clicks can now see the analysis of the whole molding process and the capability of the mold to produce acceptable parts.

Further, Suhas also identified another key pillar for molding parts successfully. The ‘4 wheels of a car’ were always Part Design, Material, Mold Design and Process. Surprisingly, the Molding Machine selection was never mentioned. This is probably the most important factor for achieving consistency; or to say it in another way, a wrong machine can very easily lower the process capability to produce unacceptable parts and increase scrap.

The process is the last step in the molding project and Suhas has over the years developed expertise in the other four areas as well. If need be, FIMMTECH has excellent resources to pull a team together of experienced industry experts. The Seminars and consulting offered by FIMMTECH can bring the value to your molding operation and/or to your molding related projects. Several testimonials are available below.

Suhas earned his Masters in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a Bachelors in Polymer Engineering from the University of Poona, India. He is the author of the book ‘Robust Process Development and Scientific Molding’. He also teaches at UMASS Lowell through the Continuing Education Department.

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