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Catering to the growing need for training in Injection Molding and for the need for innovative solutions to several molding problems, FIMMTECH Inc. has opened a Innovation and Training center in Vista (San Diego), CA.  FIMMTECH has acquired a 100 ton Injection Molding machine that will be dedicated to training, research and development.


The training center was inaugurated on the 9th of September by the start of a 3-Day seminar on Scientific Molding and Scientific Processing. The new center called the FIMMTECH INNOVATION & TRAINING CENTER (FITC) will provide training courses in all the core areas of Injection molding. The FITC will continue FIMMTECH’s ongoing research and development that provides practical solutions to molding related problems. Suhas, together with Tim Curnutt, President of Distinctive Plastics has developed and successfully used some of their research solutions and are planning to provide these technologies to other companies.

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