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Scientific Molding - The 6-Step Study

The 6-Step Study: The Viscosity (Rheology) Curve, the Gate Freeze Study and the Pressure Drop Study were the three studies that were done as part of the Scientific Molding Studies. The Molding Area Diagram (MAD) has references in some early texts such as in the ‘Handbook of Injection Molding’ by Rosato, was not always considered. Suhas Kulkarni identified the MAD as THE most important and critical step for determining the robustness of the molding process. The balance of fill between the cavities was also identified as an important step. Incorporating this under one umbrella he coined the term 6-Step Study to help optimize the process robustness. Following are the 6-Steps that should be considered. As always there are always cautions and exceptions to each one of these.

Step 1: Viscosity Curve

Step 2: Cavity Balance Study

Step 3: Pressure Drop Study

Step 4: Cosmetic Process Window Study

Step 5: Gate Seal Study

Step 6: Cooling Time Study

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